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Dictionary of abbreviations. 2012.

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  • bag —    Eke, eke eke.   Also: a a, kī eke, pūkaula, hakai.    ♦ Netted sennit bag, kōkō pū alu.    ♦ Bag for carrying birds, a a manu.    ♦ Bag for carrying fire making implements, aahi …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • elevated —   Ho oki eki e; ka anu a (place).    ♦ Elevated train, ka aahi kau i ka lewa …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • engine —    Enikini, enekini, mīkini. Locomotive engine, ka aahi. Fire engine, ka a kinai ahi, ka a wai, ka a pauahi …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • fire —   Ahi.   Also: a ā, ā; ho opau (discharge).   See saying, ho oko iko i.    ♦ The fires, nāhi.    ♦ Pit of fire, lua ahi.    ♦ Fire builder, kahu ahi.    ♦ Bag for carrying fire making implements, aahi.    ♦ To fire a gun, kīpū.    ♦ Ready, aim,… …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • locomotive —   Ka aahi …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • railroad —   Ka aahi.    ♦ Railroad track. alahao …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • sandalwood —    Iliahi, aoa, lā au ala, iliahi a lo e, wahie ala, hua ula ula.    ♦ False or bastard sandalwood, naio.    ♦ Wood of naio, a aka.    ♦ Scion or shoot of sandalwood, a aahi …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

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